Track Fees (Saturday)

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Track Fees - Saturday rate (S$10).

A track fee is applicable for all visitors using our track.

Please note that there are limitations to the use of our track.


  • Fees are charged at S$10.00 for 5 hours, or part thereof.
  • Customers are to prepare and use their own equipment.
  • Additional fees will apply when using our equipment.
  • Track time is non-transferrable/sharable. 
  • Customers will share the track with other customers.
  • All customers are required to  behave in a civil manner toward all and other customers.
  • We reserve the rights to decline any additional customers if the track is at its full capacity.
  • We reserve the rights to ask any customer, who is behaving in an unruly manner or aggressive toward other customers, to leave - no refund will be given.

We seek your understanding that we aim ti provide a comfortable and pleasant environment for all our customers. We will explore and deploy all methods to ensure that health and safety of our customers is paramount. We deplore that all customers are to adhere to our rules and regulations at all times.

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