SRC 5001 - Toyota TS050 LMP #7/#8 24hr LeMans 2018 (Chrono Kit)

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Presenting the SRC Toyota TS050 LMP Race Car!

The Toyota TS050 Hybrid is a sports prototype racing car developed for the 2016 Le Mans Prototype rules in the FIA World Endurance Championship. The car is the direct successor of the Toyota TS040 Hybrid, which competed in both the 2014 and 2015 FIA WEC seasons. The TS050 was revealed at the Circuit Paul Ricard on 24 March 2016 due to Toyota's 2-year cycle policy. The engine is a 2.4L twin-turbocharged petrol V6, while the two previous cars used a naturally aspirated petrol V8. It features an 8-megajoule hybrid system, which uses Lithium-Ion batteries. 

SRC has faithfully recreated the 2018 LeMans winning car of the Toyota TS050 LMP. Te kit features very comprehensive research into the actual model's proportions and detailing.

Complete as a kit, you are required to assemble, paint and decorate the car with the components provided.

Completely compatible on all leading track manufacturers (Policar, Scalextric, Ninco and Carrera).


  • 1 x T1-D chassis (hard) + 1 x Bolt T1 chassis support + 2 x 1.6x4mm screw (RM1014) + 2.5x6mm Allen hexagonal screw(RM1022)
  • 1 x front axle diameter 2mm (RM0213) + 4 x front axle adjustment screw 2.5 × 2.5mm
  • 2 x 15.85mm ABS front rim (RM0620) exclusive for 2mm axle + 2 x Grip-0 low profile tire (RN0201)
  • 1 x T5 guide (RM0713) + 2 x braid (RM0706) + 1 x 1.8x6mm screw (RM1002) + 1 x 560/316 spacer (RM1405)
  • 2 x Supremex SRC4 screw (RM1023) chassis and body joint + 1 x chassis rear photoetch
  • 1 x AW T1 motor mount + Bolt T1 motor mount support + 3 x 1,6x4mm H.screw (RM1014) + Bolt T1 steel + Bolt T1 nylon
  • 1 x 2.38mm hollow rear axle. Length 59.50mm (RM0214)
  • 2 x bearing (RM0524) + 1 x stopper (RM0523) + 2 x 2x2mm H.screw (RM1008) + 1 x spacer length 1.8 and diameter 4mm (RM0507)
  • 1 x 28z AW gear / crown (RM0410) + 1 x 2x2mm stud (RM1008) + 1 x 12z AW pinion (RM0305)
  • 2 x 17mm rim (RM0613) + 2 x 2.5 × 2.5mm stud + 2 x rear tire (RN0118)
  • 1 x P1 motor (RM0111) + FK motor flange + 1,4x4mm screw (RM1021) + 2x4mm motor screw (RM1006)
  • 1 x rear shock absorber support + 2 x Supremex 5 SRC screw (RM1024) + 2 x Block-S screw (RM1021) + 2 x rear spring (RM0831)
  • 2 x shock absorber side support + 2 x Supremex 2 SRC screw (RM1017) + 2 x L8,5x6E side spring (RM0833)
  • Body + accessories + light interior(cockpit) + 1 x Decals + Instruction book


  • 1 x fully assembled and detailed slot car

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