Pre-soldered SMD with wires (1 LED)

Size & Colour: 0603 - Red
Sale price$1.50


SMD LEDs - 1 LED (assorted colours and sizes)

  • 0603 Cool White
  • 0603 Warm White
  • 0603 Red
  • 0805 Cool White
  • 0805 WarmWhite

Brighten your ride with lights! Installing LEDs onto your scale-models is probably the best idea to make it stand out and look more impressive! In the case of slot cars, it will make the racing all the more loveable and beautiful!

SMD LEDs are ideal for smaller scale models that are not big on space. Where bulb LEDs aren't feasible, SMDs are the ideal solution.

Compatible with Slot.It light kits (SP44 and SP16c).

*All our SMD LEDs come pre-soldered with wires (~15cm).

We sell them in a pack of 4 SMDs (2 Red, 2 White/Warm white) - S$5.00

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