Slot.It Upgrade Package for Alfa T33/3 (CA11m)

Stage: Stage 1
Sale price$33.00


Upgrade your Slot.It Alfa Romeo T33/3!

With our upgrade packages broken down into stages, you can now decide and choose which stage of upgrade you would like to achieve! Our upgrade packs have been heavily discounted so that you can fully enjoy the advantages of your beloved slot car at its best!

We have three stages of upgrades (1 to 3).

Stage 1 pack:

  • 1 x GS1831 - Spur gear, aluminium, 31T, ⦰18mm.
  • 1 x SP23 - Tungsten ballast, motor mount shape (1pc).
  • 1 x NSR-4830 - Lead weight, self-adhesive (80x 50 x 1.5)mm.

Stage 2 pack:

  • 1 x W14308015A - Front wheels, Alu (14.3x8x1.5)mm (1 pair).
  • 1 x W15808215AH - Rear wheels, Alu, Dbl shoulder w/holes (15.8x8.2x1.5)mm (1 pair).
  • 1 x SSK005 - Thunderslot foam suspension (10pcs).

Stage 3 pack:

  • 1 x CH115 - Motor mount, SW bearing version, 1.0mm offset.
  • 1 x CH105 - Flanged bearings, 3/32" internal diameter (2pcs)
  • 1 x TYR004R - Slick rear tires (19 x 10.8)mm (4pcs).
  • 1 x NSR-3043 - Motor Shark 25k EVO, (25k rpm, 180g*cm).

Terms & Conditions:

  • Please let us know which oXigen digital chip you would like to have (b2 or c1), subject to availability.
  • Special/Limited edition cars or special box-sets cars are not eligible.
  • Not eligible on pre-order cars.


The controller and digital chip will require warranty registration and activation, by manufacturer's requirement. Warranty registration will require a mobile app.

Download here for iOS or Android.

We are happy to assist with warranty registration and activation for all electronic equipment without additional charges. However we will not be held responsible for any issues that may arise during the registration and activation process. Please let us know if you would like for us to register the items for you or if you would prefer to register the items on your own.

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