Slot.It SCP201H - Digital Controller with Oxigen Cartridge

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Slot.It SCP201H - Slot digital controller with oXigen cartridge.
  • Optional battery operation with oXigen battery holder (O205a - 9V) or (O205b - 7.2V 2x14500 Li-ion).
  • Rapid mapping (slow/normal/fast) with a 3 position switch selector
  • Minimum Speed Tuning
  • Max Speed Limiter or Curve Selection
  • Adjustable Brake (Analog and SSD digital)
  • Thumb Activated Brake
  • Antispin Control
  • Lane Change (Digital) / Brake override (Analogic)
  • 1 or 2 fingers lever / Rubber injected finger touch / Ball bearing spindle
  • Contactless magnetic trigger system
  • oXigen compatible
  • Intergangeable Analog / Digital or oXigen cartridge
  • Supplied with banana plugs


Slot racing digital system compatible with existing analog tracks and lap counters.
2.4GHz Wireless - 20 cars per track - Up to 4 tracks - Open interface.

Two operating modes :

  • Hybrid O2 : no PC required, uses existing track accessories (lap counters, stop&go, etc).
  • Pure O2 : completely PC controlled through radio interface.

Hybrid 02

  • Works with or without PC.
  • Completely compatible with traditional racing.
  • Uses existing DS lap counters, Stop'n'Go, PCs.
  • Seamless Digital / Analog racing on the same track (during analog racing, oXigen lane changers stay straight and oXigen lap counting acts as a standard bridge, or the already existing bridge can be used).

Pure 02

  • Completely PC controlled.
  • Maintains compatibility with analog tracks and racing.
  • No need for external lap counters.

How it works

  • SCP cartridge talks to in-car module.
  • In-car module drives motor and talks to LC.
  • Hybrid O2 : O2 lap counter talks to O2 interface to Lap Counters and existing Stop'n'Go box or PCs. DS lap counters, Stop&Go, PCs, etc work as usual to start and stop race.
  • Pure O2 : PC talks to SCP cartridge and (if optional smart LC module fitted on LC) to LC.

Lane Change

  • O2 track pieces for Ninco and Scalextric track
  • O2 LC and LAP CTR track parts can be used inside Scalextric SSD systems (under licence from Hornby).

More oXigen

  • a whole new dimension for club slot car racing.
  • mantain your existing investment AND analog racing.
  • easy setup.
  • developed and supported by
  • compatible with SCP.
  • add multi lane finish line and collision detection to Scalextric SSD.
  • open interface for third party add-ons.

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