Slot.It PI6510E/11E/12E - Ergal Pinions, 10/11/12-teeth, Ø6.5mm (2x)

Teeth: 10T
Sale price$14.50


Ergal Pinions for INLINE/SIDEWINDER cars:  Ø6.5mm, 10-12-teeth

Replace your worn pinions with original Slot.It Ergal lightweight gears for best effect! Swap out your stock gears and change ratios to suit your motor and track.

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We are the authorised distributor for Slot.It slot racing products in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. We carry a range of spare parts and upgrades. We also offer after-sales services - troubleshooting/diagnosis, servicing/cleaning, change of parts and product advice/training.

Disclaimer - All product specifications/features are manufacturer claims. InTrigg Hobbies does not take responsibility for any damages and/or injuries arising from customer's wrongful usage or abuse. Such will be the cases of the product coming into contact with water, dropping of product from heights or incorrect care for the product.

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