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Service - Digital Conversion

At InTrigg Hobbies, we provide value-added services to help our customers enjoy the hobby with minimal fuss.

Digital conversion is the process installing digital chips onto analogue slot cars resulting in the cars being able to run under digital format.

Our service includes:

  • Installing a corresponding digital chip for your home setup;
  • Installing chip to car and connecting to motor;
  • Making necessary alterations and/or modifications to car in order to accommodate digital chip;
  • Testing.
  • Soldering and unsoldering of new/existing components and wiring.

Depending on the level of difficulty and amount of time/work required to complete the job, digital conversions can be a simple as a plug-and-play job or one that requires drilling, filing and glueing. In most scenarios, soldering work has to be performed.

  • Basic - Remove existing cables/wires, install digital chip and secure to chassis, connect wiring from chip to motor and pick-up.
  • Comprehensive - Basic + chassis & cockpit modifications.

*Please note that all service packages does not include the digital chip(s) or any additional wires and connectors.

Speak with us to find out more on how you can upgrade your current analogue track system to a digital one.

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