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Slot car servicing - for all slot cars purchased from us.

Slot cars require regular, basic maintenance in order to be in good condition throughout the duration of ownership. Even if you do not run your cars regularly, there is still the need to make sure all components are well-oiled and properly maintained.

Typical issues we face when keeping a slot car over long periods without using them are rust on metal components of the car, hardening of rubber tires and ceasing of motors and more.

Through our maintenance service packages, we aim to help prolong the longevity of your slot cars so that they can stil run even after long periods of being left on the shelves!

We perform slot car cleaning and repairs services for all slot cars sold through us. We seek your understanding that for any items not purchased through us, there will be an additional surcharge.


  • Basic - brush-off dirt and dust on chassis, oil moving parts, grease gears
  • Comprehensive - Basic + full strip of parts on chassis, wash and clean chassis and all parts, motor flushing.

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