Scalextric C1412M - Ginetta Racers

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 Scalextric C1412M Analogue Race set with Ginetta LMP Race cars!

The way to begin your slot car racing hobby without breaking the bank! This no-frills, basic race set come fully equipped with everything you need to start experiencing slot car racing in the comfort of your own home!

These sleek Ginetta Prototype cars are true thoroughbred racers. Designed to compete at the highest level they feature powerful engines and lots of downforce to keep them planted to the racetrack.

With four different track layouts and two cars included, hours of fun, adrenaline and rivalry awaits here! Order yours today and bring home the slot-car racing experience like no other.

All Scalextric race sets can be upgraded or extended with ala-carte track pieces or extension packs.

We offer customised track design and builds - speak to us now for a better understanding on how you can get the most out of your product(s).

Key Features:
  • Layout options - 4 different circuits
  • Track length - 484cm
  • Mechanical lap-counting track piece
  • 2 x Ginetta LMP cars
  • 2 x Analogue controllers (wired)
  • 1 x Power adapter
  • Assorted track pieces

We carry a variety of Scalextric slot cars as well as other brands such as NSR, Slot.It, ThunderSlot, Policar, RevoSlot & Sideways, all of which are compatible to Scalextric analogue track systems. We also offer after-sales services - troubleshooting/diagnosis, servicing/cleaning, change of parts and product advice/training.

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Disclaimer - All product specifications/features are manufacturer claims. InTrigg Hobbies does not take responsibility for any damages and/or injuries arising from customer's wrongful usage or abuse. Such will be the cases of the product coming into contact with water, dropping of product from heights or incorrect care for the product.

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