Policar T003Z - 6.5m, 4-Lane Starter Set (cars sold separately)

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Policar T003Z: 4-Lane Starter Set, 6.5m (does not include cars).

The Policar Racing Track System was the track and slot car system to have in Italy in the 60s and 70s. Policar tracks are renown in the industry for its durability and wide spacing between lanes. Tracks also feature a unique textured surface that improves grip levels across all forms of racing.

The starter set comprises of sufficient track pieces for a typical home setup. It also comes with track borders to allow cars to drift out of their lanes without falling off the track. An adjustable power adapter is provided so that you can limit the speeds of the cars - specifically great for beginners and young racers!

With this set you can decide what cars to race with. Choose from our wide range of slot cars (from beginner to pro) and enjoy special discounts off your car purchase (speak to us to find out more!).

Space required:

  • Approximately (2.9 x 1.8)m


  • 9cm lane spacing
  • 8.5mm slot depth
  • Rust-resistant steel rails
  • Extra-wide track borders
  • Easy multi-lane clipping
  • Compatible with Ninco tracks (using track adaptor)
  • 6.5m total track length

Package Details:

  • 4 x Analogue controllers
  • 1 x 2-lane powerbase unit
  • 1 x 4-lane powerbase unit
  • 16 x Full straights
  • 7 x Half straight
  • 8 x 61.4mm straights
  • 12 x R1 curves
  • 12 x R2 curves
  • 26 x Half straight borders
  • 8 x 61.4mm straight borders
  • 24 x R1 curve inner borders
  • 24 x R2 curve outer borders
  • 2 x end border set (left)
  • 2 x end border set (right)
  • 120 x Intersection locking clips
  • 10 x clips for straights
  • 10 x clips for curves
  • 1 x Bridge set
  • 2 x Barrier set
  • 2 x Adjustable power supply

We carry a wide variety of slot cars from various brands such as NSR, Slot.It, ThunderSlot, Policar, RevoSlot, Sideways, Scalextric etc, all of which are compatible to the Policar analogue track systems.

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We are the authorised distributor for Policar slot racing products in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. We carry a wide range of spare parts and upgrades. We also offer after-sales services - troubleshooting/diagnosis, servicing/cleaning, change of parts and product advice/training.

Disclaimer - All product specifications/features are manufacturer claims. InTrigg Hobbies does not take responsibility for any damages and/or injuries arising from customer's wrongful usage or abuse. Such will be the cases of the product coming into contact with water, dropping of product from heights or incorrect care for the product.

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