NSR-0213 Porsche 997 GT3 #912 24hr Portimao 2018 (Ready-to-race Special Edition)

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NSR slot - 1/32nd scale professional slot racing cars and products.

The NSR-0213 is a 2WD (2 wheel drive) racing slot car. With commendable detailing and "mechanical perfection", the Porsche 997 delivers a very smooth acceleration with its angle-winder motor layout. Handling is almost an identical reflection to the real car, with teh tail-end sliding out ever so gracefully if you are too enthusiastic on the throttle. Set your car up nicely and you will be able to set/break records on most tracks!
The NSR range of slot cars is undoubtedly one of the best built in the world. 100% hand-made in Italy, these slot cars are perhaps unrivalled in most slot racing competitions. Racking in multiple championship wins over the past years, NSR has a very good reputation of producing race-quality cars straight out of the box.

Tech Details:

  • 1/32nd scale
  • King 30 EVO, 30,000 rpm, 365g*cm
  • AW motor layout
  • NSR Suspension for Triangular Motor Support
  • Adjustable front/rear ride height
  • Adjustable front/rear track width


  • 1 x fully assembled and detailed slot car

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We are the authorised distributor for NSR slot racing products in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. We carry a wide range of spare parts and upgrades. We also offer after-sales services - troubleshooting/diagnosis, servicing/cleaning, change of parts and product advice/training.

Disclaimer - All product specifications/features are manufacturer claims. InTrigg Hobbies does not take responsibility for any damages and/or injuries arising from customer's wrongful usage or abuse. Such will be the cases of the product coming into contact with water, dropping of product from heights or incorrect care for the product.

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