M026Z - "Because of You" Split-Level Bedroom (w/acrylic dust cover, tool set, musical box)

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M026Z - "Because of You" Split-Level Bedroom.

A very pleasant  bedroom dollhouse, suitable for all! Featuring a split level bedroom with  a seemingly comfortable bed ad a grand piano! The lower level sports a couch and a side table for the inhabitants to chill out! There's plenty of details with this dollhouse ranging from books on shelves, laptop computer, vases, lamps, rugs ad more!

The LED light kit will give the house an even more realistic appearance as well! In the dark, the lights accentuate the tiny details around the house and also provide a sense of warmth!

You can add mini figurines and give the entire house an added touch of realism!

Please note that this is an unassembled product and it has to be put together by you, DIY. We have provided some basic tools and equipment to construct the dollhouse. Additional equipment and tools are available separately.


  • Width - 17cm
  • Depth - 12.3cm
  • Height - 13.5cm


  • Unassembled dollhouse
  • LED light kit
  • Musical box
  • Tools Set: (tweezer, knife/cutter, scissor, ruler, glue, screwdriver)
  • Acrylic dust cover
  • Instruction manual

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