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Equipment Rental

At InTrigg Hobbies, we provide equipment rental services to give any interested person(s) a taste of slot car racing. 

Rentals (per hour):

  • Car (basic) - Basic cars that run slower & are installed with traction magnets. Ideal for younger audiences, eg. children.
  • Car (advanced) - Kit cars that are much more complex in build, have a more powerful motor and run without traction magnets. Suitable for adults and those with experience with similar hobbies, eg. radio-controlled cars etc.
  • Controller (basic) - Wireless controller with minimal functions. Ideal for younger audiences, eg. children.
  • Controller (advanced) - Wirelss controllers (pro) with adjustable parameters and additional functions. Suitable for customers who want more control over their car.

Speak with us to find out more on how you can procure yoru own equipment and start your journey into the hobby.

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