Carrera 31000 - Toyota AE86 (Initial D) Ltd. Ed.

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Presenting the Toyota AE86 Trueno, made famous by the Japanese manga (Anime series), Initial D!

This is a limited edition, Asia-only-market product that will definitely delight followers of the Anime. Motoring enthusiasts throughout the world also hold this car in high regard not only for its "celebrity status" but also for the car's capabilities.

Initial D is a Japanese manga created in 1995. It was later adapted into an anime series and later a real-life movie was even made. The Japanese "underground" street races and mountain drift action form the basis of the plot. Protagonist, teenager Fujiwara Takumi drives his father's Toyota Trueno (AE86) in true drift style across the mountain to deliver tofu, his family's business. In the process he comes across many other enthusiastic mountain racers; some friendly others less so, and "battles" happen with young Takumi eventually driving off into victory.

In collaboration with the manga rights owners, Carrera has brought to us the 4 main character cars of the anime series: (1) Toyota Trueno AE86; (2) Mazda RX-7 FC2S; (3) Mazda RX-7 FD3S & (4) Nissan GT-R R32, for the anime's 25th anniversary.

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