With a rich history of over a hundred years, slot car racing has found its way into many types of events, entertaining children and adults, young and old. Organised slot car races can add zest and vibrance to your event, at the same time promoting awareness of your business, brand, products and services through various displays around the track.

@ InTrigg Hobbies

We provide bespoke, professional slot car racing solutions for our clients. We are able to deploy our systems in sheltered locations, under varying conditions. 

We have access to a wide range of slot car models to offer our clients. We provide on-track branding/marketing solutions for our clients.

Our well-trained team, presentable and professional track marshals will ensure that the racing goes on smoothly with no hiccups.

Corporate Events
  • Client/Partner receptions
  • Product launches/seminars
  • Carnivals, exhibitions & road shows
  • Team bonding/building activities
  • F1-related events

Choose from a wide range of models and genres.

Scenery & Buildings
Buildings & figurines, trees & shrubs, gravel & stones.

Install your own marketing and branding materials on our cars, buildings and around the track for maximum visibility.

Custom Circuits
Custom-designed race circuits to suit any conditions, for maximum playability and fun.


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