Hello slot enthusiasts!

We understand that your slot cars represents a significant investment to your hobby and will assist you with ensuring that they give you countless years of fun. Hence now we offer slot car repairs and servicing as part of our ongoing efforts to improve and expand our business provisions.

We currently offer various services in this respect:

  1. General servicing
  2. Diagnostics
  3. Repairs
  4. Converting analogue cars to digital

General Servicing

We strip our your slot car down and give it a full and thorough cleaning then check through all mechanical components. Next, we lubricate all moving parts to ensure a smooth drive and reduce wear rates. Last but not least we will give your car a test drive to ensure everything is in good working order before returning it to you.


We realise that sometimes our cars behave erratically or perhaps not run at all. In such instances, you can send it to us for a diagnostic check. We go through your car component by component to find out what the gremlins are before giving you a report. This will give you a full understanding of the problem(s) thus allowing you to make a well-informed decision on the next steps to take.


Some of us run our cars leisurely while others, competitively. In both instances, accidents are bound to happen - the only difference will be the magnitudes of the damage(s) sustained. For such cases we will assist you with making the necessary repairs to damaged components. In situations where parts are damaged beyond repair, we will recommend and change out the components. Depending on the amount of damage(s) sustained, charges will differ.

Converting Analogue to Digital

All slot cars are analogue out of the box. For customers who would like to participate in our digital slot car racing events/activities or are considering upgrading your home system to digital, we will be able to assist with converting your car(s) to digital. This will involve the process of installing a digital chip onto your slot car and ensuring it works with the respective system(s). Depending on the complexity of the job, charges will differ.

Contact us now via WhatApp @ +65 8222-1330 if you have any queries or issues with your slot car(s).



Purchased at InTrigg

  • General servicing - S$10.00/car
  • Diagnosis - Free
  • Repairs - from S$5.00/car
  • Digital conversion - from S$5.00/car


  • General servicing - S$15.00/car
  • Diagnosis - S$8.00/car
  • Repairs - from S$10.00/car
  • Digital conversion - from S$15.00/car

**Terms and conditions apply**