Hello there,

If you've wandered onto this page, chances are you may already own a slot car of sorts, or more! And now you're thinking of ways to make your cars go faster and perform better. This section is aimed at the Scalextric owner who is looking to get more out of his/her standard Scalextric slot car. However if you already own a "pro" slot car and would like to know more about upgrades, modifications and tuning, feel free to contact us or drop by our track to find out more! InTrigg Track

To begin with, there are several levels of performance that you can achieve. There are some simple upgrades available for those who are looking to shave a few tenths off their lap times. In addition, there are more serious modifications available to those who will not settle for anything less than 1st place.

@ InTrigg Hobbies, we offer a range of upgrades for your stock Scalextric cars. These can range from a simple upgrade to complete rebuilds with pro-spec components - guaranteed to let you win races! So if you would like to outdo your comrades during races, try one of these mods/upgrades with help from us!

Upgradable Options:

  • Tires
  • Guides
  • Bushings/bearings
  • Drivetrain (axles, gears, wheels & tires)
  • Motor

In the competitive slot racing world, almost all races are held with cars without magnets (non-mag racing). In the home context, magnets allow greater traction of the slot cars. However in our opinion, driving/racing with magnets does have its downside. For one, when cars de-slot, it normally happens at much higher speeds, flinging cars off the track like meteorites and in many cases, right smack into a wall. This results in greater damage to the cars.

Driving/racing without magnets allows the cars to enter a slide (or drift) before de-slots usually happen. The driver then, has the opportunity to regulate the speed of the car when this happens. With practice, this can turn out to be a very graceful drift and add more fun to the racing.

To learn more about upgrading, modifying and tuning your cars, visit us at our track. InTrigg Track