27th June 2020

Dear Customers,

We will be re-opening our business, as allowed by the authorities, during Phase 2 of our post Circuit Breaker period. However we will be deploying various measures, in accordance to all regulations set out by the authorities.

  1. By appointment or booking only (+65 8222-1330).
  2. All customers/visitors are required to "CHECK-IN/OUT" via the SafeEntry scanning system.
  3. All customers/visitors must wear a mask correctly at all times, whist within our premise.
  4. All customers/visitors are required to sanitise their hands with the sanitisers provided.
  5. We will only allow a maximum of 5 customers/visitors at any moment.
  6. All customers/visitors are required to observe a minimum of 1m distancing from each other.

We will deny entry to any customer/visitor under the following circumstances:

  1. Anyone who is feeling unwell (sniffing & sneezing, coughing etc.)
  2. Anyone who does not possess or wear a face mask correctly.
  3. Anyone who has been instructed to stay-home and/or is still under the self-quarantine period.

Customers & visitors are encouraged to visit alone, and not bring their family members along. Should there be a need to bring some/part of your family members, please make an appointment with us and we will arrange a convenient dat/time for your proposed visit.

Customers who have purchased anything from us via our various channels and prefer to do a sefl pick-up may do so. Please contact us upon your order and we will provide you with a time slot to pick up your purchases.