This will be a championship series of 4 races in total. Each race will be 45mins long. All cars must be Group C-based and the same car is to be used throughout the Championship season. We, the organiser, reserve the right to postpone any/all races due to unforeseen circumstances. Winners of each race will be awarded points. The driver with highest number of points at end of Championship wins. Each race will consist of qualifying and main race. No refunds will be given for not attending any/all races, whatever the reason(s). No magnets allowed for all races.


S$60 per driver for entire series.


On race day, before qualifying and actual race (recommended).


Each driver will be given 3mins to set his/her fastest lap. Failure to qualify - start 1min after main race starts. Fastest qualifier may choose his/her preferred standing position and lane to start in.

Main Race:

All participants will start at the same time, except those who failed to qualify. The TRACK CALL feature of the computer software will be used. Power to the track will be cut and all cars will stop when any one car has de-slot.

Points System: Points will be credited by end of each race.

1st Place: + 12 points

2nd Place: + 8 points

3rd Place: + 6 points

4th Place: + 4 points

5th Place: + 2 points

6th Place: + 1 point

Race Regulations:

  • Same car can only be entered for all races. There will be no switching cars between races.
  • Cars can be repaired, modified and/or upgraded between races. Any changes are to be within specified limits. All “refurbished” cars must be submitted for approval prior to racing.
  • Drivers who did not participate in the qualifying session will start from the pits with a 1min penalty.
  • Cars with damaged or excessively thin tires will not be allowed to race, to prevent damage to track(s).
  • Accident car(s) is/are to be placed behind other cars.
  • No special tire traction additives allowed.

Penalties: 1 lap will be deducted for every 4 de-slot incidences.