Slot Car Racing

The first slot cars were invented and built around 1912 by an American company. Over the decades, many industries have used slot car racing as an activity for a variety of events/exhibitions: Grand Prix-related events (1950s - present), launching of new automobiles.

With this rich history, slot car racing has evolved from a primitive to sophisticated digital systems. Multiple cars can be raced simultaneously and with overtaking also possible. App-based or computer systems provide accurate lap timing and an array of racing options. All these add to the realism of slot car racing, which s presently taking the world by storm!

With its relatively small footprint requirement, slot racing circuits can easily be deployed in most locations, as long as it is sheltered and has an electrical power supply.

InTrigg Hobbies is at the forefront of providing slot car racing for various scenarios here in Singapore. We are the exclusive distributor of several major brands of slot car and system manufacturers. Thus we are able to procure a wide variety of equipment and slot car models for our client's requirements.


We provide bespoke and custom services for our clients. Race circuits can be specially designed and deployed in areas with space constraints. Clients can choose from a wide array of slot cars or have them customised to their preference. We are also able to offer client branding assistance on our setup.

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Pack your kids and their friends and come race on our track! Let us host the birthday races and keep the kids entertained. We provide complimentary snacks and drinks for the kids to keep up their energy levels too!

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