@ InTrigg Hobbies, we tailor-make Slot Car Racing solutions for a variety of clients.

Our corporate track hire is most suited for clients who require a slot car racing track over a considerable period time.

Clients who conduct extended events or activities that spread over a certain duration can consider speaking to us to see how we may be able to assist in providing a complete solutions package for your business occasion.

Examples of extended corporate events:

  • Product launches/promotions.
  • Company recreation lounge.
  • Marketing campaigns can use racing as an activity to determine winners.
  • Charity drives.

Our service parameters:

  • Custom designed layouts to suit your event.
  • Large variety of car models to choose from.
  • Customisable, hand-built track side decorations and diorama, including branding.
  • Custom paint job for cars, including branding.
  • Fully erect platform and black skirting.
  • Spare/Backup equipment provided.
  • Routine car and track servicing.
  • On-time training to handle our equipment and basic troubleshooting skills.
  • Optional on-site track marshal(s) for part or entire duration of event.

Speak to us to discuss your event requirements. Let us help you achieve your marketing and promotional goals with greater ease and efficiency with Slot Car Racing!

Our minimum rental duration is a month. Should clients require our track systems for a longer period, we will be able to provide a longer-termed contract with much more preferable rates.

Contact us now!