@ InTrigg Hobbies

Are you ready to take your birthday celebration to the fast lane? Look no further! Come to InTrigg Hobbies for an adrenaline-pumping & unforgettable slot car racing birthday party experience!

Our Birthday Party Package is designed for thrill-seekers of all ages, offering a unique blend of excitement, competition & birthday joy! Race alongside your friends in a relaxing & comfortable environment.

The Package:
  • 2.5 hour venue rental;
  • 10 guests;
  • 5 generic slot cars;
  • Winner's trophy and medals;
  • Complimentary drinks & snacks;
  • E-invites;
  • Return vouchers for individual race sessions.

The Track
Featuring a (24x8) foot platform, our race circuit can be designed and customised to suit participants of all ages.

We have a well-maintained garage of slot cars. Race with our basic range of slot cars or upgrade to the more advanced, attractive Formula One models!

Full-time organised races to keep the participants entertained throughout the session.

Past Parties

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