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Slot.It CH08 - Set of Screws for HRS Chassis
Slot.It CH28 - Set of screws for cars 8 short, 4 long
Slot.It CH41b - Motor fixing screws (10x)
Slot.It CH51 - Metric screws (2.2x8)mm, small head (10x)
Slot.It CH54 - Metric screws (2.2x5.3)mm, big head (10x)
Slot.It PA37 - Hex Screw (M2x6)mm (10x)
Slot.It PA40 - Hex Screw (M2x3)mm (10x)
Slot.It PA54 - Hex Screw (M2x10)mm (10x)
Slot.It PA58 - Hex Screw (M2x2)mm (10x)

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